Dr. Sammy Allen is the Pastor at Concord Missionary Baptist Church and has been there since the Church was constituted in 1961. He has been preaching over 50 years and has preached over 2000 weeks meeting.
Our Shepherd
Pastor Dr. Sammy Allen  
Pastor Dr. Sammy Allen Robert V. (Sammy) Allen was born October 4, 1937, into the family of Vince Winfield and Myrtle Timms Allen at the family home just east of Resaca, Georgia. The youngest of three children, he grew up on the family farm learning all the trades of the farm life. His life was affected by the normal temptations of sin that every young man is faced with, and as a teenage boy, his life began to be influenced by "the course of this world..."

In late 1954, the young teenager began to experience an unusual uneasiness in his heart because of his sinful condition. After several months of deep Holy Ghost conviction, he was saved by the Grace of God in the summer of 1955.

Immediately upon his conversion he began to witness to others about their need of salvation. This burden became so heavy that he began to speak as a lay preacher in Sunday School classes, cottage prayer meetings, and even in Church services every time he was given an opportunity.

Dr. Allen announced his calling to preach in 1961. He soon was called to be the pastor of Maple Grove Baptist Church and New Prospect Baptist Church. These were half time Churches.

In October, 1961, he was used of God to organize the Concord Baptist Mission into Concord Baptist Church, and is still the pastor of that same Church today. Immediately after he announced his calling into the ministry, God began to open doors for the young fiery preacher to preach revival meetings. This evangelistic ministry grew so fast that by 1964 the young preacher had to leave his job in the carpet mill and go full-time in evangelism. He continues to preach meetings week after week across the country in both small and large churches. He has to date preached over 1800 weeks meetings.

December 28, 1962 Dr. Allen was married to Jimmie Lou Wilson, who has stood by his side as a faithful, loving, God-fearing wife in every task he has attempted. God has blessed their home with two sons, Samuel and David, and one daughter, Hannah.

In the late 1960's, God began to lay a burden on Dr. Allen's heart for a Camp Meeting in the area where he lived. After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, Faith Baptist Camp was born with the first Camp Meeting held under a large tent on the grounds in June, 1970. Faith Baptist Camp has been very blessed of the Lord, and has been used to be a blessing to so many people and churches across America.

January 16, 1989 God directed Dr. Allen to start the Faith Baptist Institute and Bible College. A three year (96 hour) Graduate of Theology Degree was offered and in the fall of 1994 a four year (128 hour) Bachelor Program was added. The Bible College now has Graduates serving as Missionaries in China, England, Australia, Canada, and Alaska to name a few. Also there are many Pastors and Evangelist in full time ministry who are graduates of Faith Baptist Bible College.

Dr. Allen, now a middle-aged man, is held in high respect by Fundamental Baptists who know him all across the country. He is known as an Evangelist, a Revivalist, a Camp Meeting Preacher, a Pastor, and a Preacher's Friend by those who know him and love old fashion Christianity. He now holds two Honorary Doctorate Degrees.

A Man of God and a man of Prayer, we are honored to have him as our Pastor at Concord Missionary Baptist Church.